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Step 1- Gently and carefully remove your lashes from the tray using either your finger tips or lash applicator.

Step 2- Measure your lashes by holding the lashes to your eyes to ensure they are the right size to fit your eyelids. If it is too long carefully trim off the excess lash from the outer corner (cut a little at a time).

Step 3- Apply a thin layer of lash glue and allow a few minutes for the glue to get tacky then proceed to apply the lashes as close to your lash line as possible using your finger tips or a lash applicator.

Step 4- Slay your bomb CURVY TULIP lashes with pride.


If you are investing in our luxury mink eyelashes we recommend spending a little TLC in caring for them to ensure you get the most out of them. Meaning you not only get to wear your favorite lashes over and over, you also save money as well.

If properly worn and taken care of, all our luxury mink eyelashes can last up to 25+ wears.

— Each pair of eyelash comes with a spoolie, we recommend using it to brush through your lashes before and after wear, to ensure they remain soft and fluffy.

— Avoid sleeping with your lashes. Take them off and gently remove the leftover glue on the band and carefully place the lashes back on the tray and store in the box until your next wear.

— After a couple of uses and you feel the need to clean your lashes, we recommend using a gentle cleanser or makeup wipe, do not pull or tug your lashes, carefully use your tweezers to remove leftover glue, follow with your spoolie and gently brush through the lashes to remove makeup/dirt debris, wipe clean and leave on a clean surface to air dry.

Thank you for shopping with us! We appreciate you and sincerely hope you enjoy your luxurious lashes.

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